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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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the popular local music dang dude is here to drum up support for candidates in the upcoming election. and when there's music we come alive and there are also islamic clerics preaching. yeah she's a supporter of travel to be until the former son in law of indonesia's then dictator suharto setting a nationalist and populist tone the retired military general banks on the support of conservative voters. his rival. is seen as more of a moderate the incumbent seeking a second term as president to carry on with the reforms he promised five years ago . with heavy metal music he wishes to capture the hearts of young voters which he says is crucial to win the poll.
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a third of indonesia's one hundred ninety million voters a millennial among them five million will be first time voters like angelica she hopes to choose a government that cares about the welfare of the people. play i believe but i'm not as a first time voter i feel happy and proud that now my voice can help determine the future of this country it's my duty as a good citizen. other voters care about the religious tolerance the most once taken for granted in the majority muslim country buddhist leader and diesel want to hopes religion can be kept out of indonesian politics despite the rise of hot line political islam in recent years. do not use religion as a political tool we should be actively involved in ensuring harmony among followers of different religions. but no matter how diverse the country is
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there something many indonesians share their desire for a better future and their love for music. in india the general election is already well underway it is the biggest in history with some nine hundred million eligible voters and anyone who is over the age of twenty five and doesn't have a criminal record can run for office that ensures a colorful host of candidates entering the elections even if some have little to no chance of winning. a veteran candidate on the campaign trail here in the city of mature new product. is running for office again it's the seventeenth time that the holy man has been on the ballot at state and national level. rules borderers i've been contesting since one nine hundred seventy six he predicted that i'd win my twentieth election. long road in politics has been
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a test of faith. in india candidates fall for they were just ration fee if they perform badly policy to discourage no hope as. he's lost his deposit every single time but he knows that he's day is coming soon. i'll never lose my twentieth election it's a challenge but i'll never lose it it would be a stain on my reputation i will win and it will be. all reach the parliament even if i'm on a stretcher or a funeral pyre. guy. to a tea stall in delhi where one man is making a bid from beyond the grave. make the candidate known as the dead man. is officially listed as deceased the victim he says of a scam i am i live my life. thank you seeing onesies death
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record set straight so he's contesting prime minister modi's are in seat environ s.c. . i am fighting against a system trying to hold a mirror to the system. i don't worry about winning or losing. but at least people will know that a man is running against a popular leader prime minister narendra modi. he knows he has little chance of success but like thousands of candidates he too hopes for a voice indian politics in this life for the next. you're watching the news still to come german authorities get serious on the emissions scandal prosecutors charge former executives from car maker volkswagen including x. c.e.o. not invent a crime. but
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first back to our top story french president in monaco is vowing to rebuild the twelfth century church after a blaze ravaged it on monday firefighters say the fire is now under control and partially extinguished now this year these images that's what's been left standing this morning authorities say the cathedral structure was largely saved but the fire gutted its roof and caused this fire to collapse one firefighter was injured during the blaze many valuable artworks inside were lost or damaged and people around the world are lamenting the devastation of a landmark that has survived the tumbled of well over eight centuries. let's bring in our correspondents. standing by for us in paris and with us here in studio is g.w. news editor and a french journalist and money wash us thank you both again for being with us of barbara bring us up to date again on the latest information on efforts to put out
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all the flames and also the extent of the damage to the cathedral. you know that this was firefighters now really are trying to send me specialists we can see them from signs time sort of tiny figures crawling around in the outer reaches of this huge add a fist behind us they are trying to figure out how bad the structural damage is because this is build from is sort of limestone is send stone and the huge heat that was generated by this hours long blaze of the roof completely burned down last night will have sort of damage the structure now the question is how safe are the walls how safe are the supporting arches that we can see in the background that sort of stabilize the huge walls of the kids see through and hold them together so this is really avoided say also at some points there is still water being strewn up against the walls to cool them down slowly because the danger was
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a fire like this is that it might be extinguished and then there is some nest somewhere and it can slowly start smoldering again and sort of go off again so this is what firefighters are now trying to prevent it is enormous damage inside we could see some images from inside and there is a huge gaping hole in the roof where the spire fell down so if it starts raining rain is going to sort of fall into the inside of the considerable to add to the damage so yes this is the period in the phase where everybody tries to figure out all the experts watch has happened there how bad is it really. we've been talking a lot about the structure itself but it also housed plenty of art artifacts relics tell us more about what was inside or what is inside where to began it was. we. really you mentioned it again this very very instruments
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there were works there were the bows wait. several several times. yesterday it was feed. into two towers mights collapsed and completely destroyed the building fortunately the two towers remained and. remained in place. so. probably very damaged by the amount of fire that has been trained and that is still being told i'd explain to cool down to cool down to cool off the walls fortunately everything was. treasurer chambre has been saved by firefighters just to be civil like all right that is indeed a silver lining of barbara we've been talking about what a blow this is to france's cultural heritage tell us more about how people there
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have been reacting to that. throughout the night people came out so long after midnight to to watch this terrible spectacle and there was a really nice song the mood in the streets around the kids seadrill here and people just standing there quietly and let's hear what to have what they had to say about their sense of loss. from this. i felt really angry that such a large beautiful piece of art went up in smoke like that. so i was really shocked so when i heard the news here i ran straight here. i told you i waited i saw flames i was powerless and it made me sick to the stomach. you know with on the streets a very silent tonight it's remarkable i think silence so many people came out here
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and they all sat. it's a symbol for all of france not only for catholics and that's why everyone is so moved when they see the pictures. do. you see. it's a monument above and beyond it's religious meaning it's something that represents the entire evolution of french civilization. is so it's very dramatic to see something like this happening you see the concussion scripts. we're all shaken we're all sad even a friend from italy called me and told me that it's big news there i guess it is all over the world. the. you know barbara we heard that last last comment there are a friend from italy calling in to tell us more about some of the reactions that we've been seeing pouring in from around the world to there in paris. i mean all
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the heads of state and government of the european countries going to america the german chancellor but all of those brussels the heads of the european union have been sort of commiserating with friends in sending messages of support and feeling for the french people and was of course president a man who is now in a really difficult position because this is going to weigh on his presidency i mean this is something that is going to make his life even more difficult and he will have to turn this into something that we can say positive but he has to true in this into something forward looking that's what he tried to do saying we will rebuild but this sense of loss really is pervasive it goes around the world because this was the most visited cultural monument in europe thirteen million visitors every year everybody from around the world who went to paris would go to see and
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would go inside the school drew and sort of look at the wonder. wonder so this is so special place and it's going to take many many years to can be reopened to the public yet really has been immortalized in arcade also in so many people's pictures as you said barbara as they've gone there as tourist we saw that a lot of people sharing their pictures on twitter yesterday their images in front of notre dame tell us more about your friend about why this monument to so important to the french well you know. mark in. paris to begin with just the trash you have to point zero to ten then. the epicenter of all the highways in friends. from paris are calculated from that point zero so that's that's the point of the french capital french people so it's part of our heritage and it's too. various
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other words which talk about not what i'm thinking obviously about. from victoria go which we study at school and which we grow our points with those legends surrounding the kids and also all the arts was that poetry which has been written and i depend things which have been drawn all it's really something that belongs to our culture and that is why it's unthinkable to think about paris without thinking about. you know part of the fabric of france many people are saying as we said it's survive more than eight hundred years of french history let's take a look back now at the history of the medieval monument. parts of what we are an essential part of paris is in peril that was the reaction of many in france is the fire took hold they looked on incredulous as the flames engulfed not. for the french people not to dam is more than just a cathedral it's the heart of paris
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a landmark alongside the eiffel tower a magnet for millions of visitors a year not trigger stands on the ills in a city in the middle of the river saying it's france's most famous catholic monument dating right back to the middle ages. suring the french revolution many of the cathedrals treasures were plundered in eighteen zero four it was the venue for napoleon's coronation as the emperor of france. eight hundred thirty one so the publication of the famous novel the hunchback of notre dame by victor hugo it was a huge success and brought the cathedral new attention. now in twenty nineteen the unthinkable has happened the flames consuming not to dam cathedral taking with them centuries of history. and matter what you remind us why this building is in itself an artifact of what makes the architecture so special well to begin with as
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if took two hundred years to build it it was genuine to be able to build such a structure we've mentioned the rose windows which we have unfortunately lost now for ever which were an art also an art piece by themselves that's the whole what and wooden structure that we so collapsing yesterday that would dated back to the thirteenth century is invaluable would that we will never be able to rebuild the it's exactly that way and it won't have the same a significance that it had it had survived he said century history and that it's lost there's not a civil lining i was thinking about was reading about this fire to spiral was the first the first item.


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